Boxtops for Education Collection Dates 2016

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Boxtops for Q300 Collection Deadline: February 11th, 2016

The First Box Tops for Education submission deadline of 2016 is just around the corner. All submissions must be submitted by February 11th to be counted on this submission period. For more details on the Q300 Boxtops for Education program as well as instructions on how to sign up – click here.

Here’s how to participate

Please cut Box Tops from participating brands, attach to the Box Tops collection sheet, and send to the school in your child’s communication folder by February 11th OR bring them with you to the upcoming PTA meeting on January 29th. If you aren’t able to attach the tops to a collection sheet it’s not a problem! Please send/bring what you have in baggie.

Starting February 12th the Box Tops Coordinators will count, organize, and submit all of the Box Tops in order to make the next submission deadline. The organization distributes funds biannually so please continue to clip all year long. We will continue to collect Box Tops monthly and submit them according to the Box Tops for Education schedule.

Directions for Collecting and Submitting Box Tops

  1. Clip Box Tops and make sure the date is visible and not expired
  2. Count the Box Tops
  3. Put them in an envelope or a Ziploc bag or on a Boxtops Collection Sheet
  4. Label with the child’s name, teacher’s name, grade, & number of Box Tops
  5. Send in your Ziploc bags, collection sheet(s) and envelopes in your child’s communications folder or bring them with you to the Q300 PTA Minions Movie Pajama Party on January 29th!

Be sure to check out the NEW Boxtops for Education submission video for a step-by-step how-to!

Two things to remember

1. There is no need to trim the coupons

If you are in a time crunch, there is no mandate to trim the coupons. Boxtops are easiest to count and submit if you glue them to a submission sheet before sending them in with your child’s communications folder.

2. Keep Bonus Box Tops and regular Box Tops separate

If you mix them in, they have a possibility of not being credited to your account, and it will be darn near impossible to get them credited after the fact.

Find Your Boxtops

For more information, including information about Box Tops promotions & the types of Box Tops (Bonus Certificates & EBOXTOPS codes) please visit the Q300 Boxtops for Education program page or

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