What are School Leadership Teams (SLTs)

School Leadership Teams are vehicles for developing school-based educational policies, and ensuring that resources are aligned to implement those policies. SLTs assist in the evaluation and assessment of a school’s educational programs and their effects on student achievement.

School Leadership Teams play a significant role in creating a structure for school-based decision making, and shaping the path to a collaborative school culture. New York State Education Law Section 2590-h requires every New York City Public School to have a School Leadership Team.

In addition, Chancellor’s Regulation A-655 (CR A-655) establishes guidelines to ensure the formation of effective School Leadership Teams in every New York City public school.

What is the role of an School Leadership Team?

An SLT is responsible for developing a school’s Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). The SLT is not responsible for the hiring or firing of school staff. However, consistent with Chancellor’s Regulation C-30, the SLT must be consulted prior to the appointment of a principal or assistant principal candidate to the school. An SLT provides an annual assessment to the community district or high school superintendent regarding the principal’s record of developing an effective, shared decision-making relationship with the SLT members during the year.

Who is eligible to serve on a School Leadership Team?

There are three members of the school community who are mandatory members of the SLT. They are:

  1. Principal
  2. Parent Association/Parent-Teacher Association President
  3. United Federation of Teachers Chapter Leader.

The remainder of the team is comprised of elected parents and staff members. The School Leadership Team must have an equal number of parents and staff. An SLT may also include students (a minimum of two students is required in high school SLTs) and representatives from Community Based Organizations (CBOs) that work with the school. Students and CBO representatives do not count when determining whether a team should have an equal number of parents and staff. The exact composition of a school’s SLT is set forth in the team’s bylaws.

How many people serve on a School Leadership Team?

An SLT should have a minimum of 10 members, and a maximum of 17 members. The exact number of members on a school’s SLT is set forth in the team’s bylaws. Regardless of the total number, the SLT must have an equal number of parents and staff members.

Q300 School Leadership Team 2023-2024

Q300 PrincipalSonita Ramkishunprincipal@q300.org
Q300 Teachers-
Parent-Teacher Association PresidentMauricio Lopez Camperopresident@q300pta.org
Elected ParentsHeather Clarke, Maria Hantzopoulos, [vacant], & Fiona Yung-

Minutes for the Q300 SLT Meetings

Minutes from the 30th Avenue School School Leadership Team Meetings: