Q300 Class Parents 2023-2024

What is a class parent?

A class parent facilitates communication between parents and the teacher, school administration and PTA and supports the teacher in needs that may arise. Serving as a class parent is an excellent opportunity to connect to your child’s class and to be involved in both the classroom and student/family community.
In the past we have had more than one class parent, allowing volunteers to split the work. Class parents can also perform their roles remotely.

Class parent responsibilities

Class parent responsibilities may include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Meet with teacher to discuss the role they would like the class parent to play and maintain a positive working relationship with the teacher.
  2. Help to build the community amongst students and families and keep the community connected.
  3. Set up a list of e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for communication with the families.
  4. Help the teacher coordinate classroom related events and projects, send out e-mail reminders about them, and help recruit volunteers for these activities.
  5. Serve as a critical link in communicating feed back and information between parents and teachers. As a representative for your class, parents may approach you about concerns and ideas they would like to share with the school. Teachers may solicit your feedback regarding grade- level events and changes, as well as ask you to disseminate information regarding the class.
  6. Act as a liaison between the classroom parents and the PTA. Although it is not mandated, it is helpful to attend PTA general meetings when possible.
  7. Submit brief stories to the PTA newsletter about classroom celebrations.
  8. Support school-wide events and other events sponsored by the PTA by volunteering or finding volunteers from your class and/or communicating with the parents in your class.
  9. Work with the other class parents for your grade to help organize grade-wide events.
  10. The 8th grade class parents help organize and serve on the committee to plan special activities to celebrate graduation. The 4th grade class parents help organize and serve on the committee to plan special activities to celebrate Moving Up. Kindergarten class parents help organize the Stepping Up ceremony and celebration.

If you are interested or would like to know who your current class parents are, please contact the Upper Division Representatives at UDRep@q300pta.org or the Lower Division Representatives at LDRep@q300pta.org. You can also use these forms below to express your interest.