2016 Summer Read-a-Thon

2016 Summer Readathon

We are thrilled and excited to launch the first school wide Summer Read-a-thon! Q300 is a community of learners and readers, and we continue our passion for books and knowledge into the summer months (while simultaneously raising money for our music program)!

In the next few days, you will be getting a read-a-thon packet, which includes Grade specific instructions and summer reading lists/log sheets, as well as pledge sheets for students! We have attached these here, but printed copies are also going home! Our goal is for each Q300 student to raise $50.00 (through sponsors far and wide) or to ask 10 people for donations!

We will have both paper pledge sheets as well as an online platform (that allows for collecting donations online), and we urge you to take 3 minutes to set up the latter immediately. The directions are in the packet, but the link to the site is here: https://www.crowdrise.com/Q300SchoolwideRead-a-thon

How it Works

Setting Goals: While many read-a-thons entail setting daily reading goals for a finite period of time, we are asking students to set book goals for the entire summer. All books read should be recorded on the log sheet. Time spent by parents or others to read aloud to a student counts, too (obviously for the little ones, but also for some of the older ones in upper elementary, many of whom should also be read to, even if they are advanced readers)!

We have also asked teachers for the suggested Summer Reading lists. These books should be read as part of the Read-a-thon.

Secure Sponsors: Students share their reading goals with family, friends, and neighbors and ask for pledges. They can use the paper pledge sheet attached to this packet, or seek flat donations via our online platform (directions in the packet on one of the flyers and on the back of this page).

Each student should try to raise at least $50 or to ask 10 people for donations. Students should record all paper donations on their pledge sheets (the online platform keeps track of who donated separately). If sponsors issue checks, they should be made payable to the Q300 PTA.

Track Reading

Read! Read! Read! Students mark off how many books they read on their log sheets. Parents and guardians may help students with this task.

Turn in Log and Donations

Students need to bring their Read-a-thon envelopes containing their completed pledge sheets, log forms AND donations to their teachers when we return to school on September 8, 2016. Logs and donations must be returned to their teacher no later than Wednesday, September 14, 2016 to be considered for prizes.

Thank You Q300 Students

Reading and fundraising are hard work! The Grade that has the highest percentage of readers that read the suggested reading list, wins a pizza party!

Collecting Pledges (Online Instructions)

You can use the attached pledge sheet to get pledges from friends and family members. You will turn this in with the money when we come back to school in September.

We also highly recommend setting up a personal online page to get donations through social media, email, etc… (For our Zumbathon, we received the most donations this way). Here is how to set up your personal page:

  1. Go to our Event through this link: https://www.crowdrise.com/Q300SchoolwideRead-a-thon
  2. Find your “rising grade” team and click on it. To create your pledge page, simply click: JOIN THIS TEAM and the site will get you set-up. In about 3½  minutes you will have a donation page that will be ready to take donations and be shared via email and social media!
  3. You can also add photos and text to spruce it up!
  4. Send your page link to friends, family members, co-workers to support our reading efforts!

We hope that each child can either raise minimally $50.00 or get at least 10 sponsors! If every child fundraises $50.00, we can raise over $15,000.00 for school enrichment and resources! But do not stop at $50.00! Try and get as many sponsors as possible to support our children’s reading habits and raise money for the school! Any money raised beyond funding our music enrichment will go towards other enrichment or needs!


Q300 Summer 2016 Read A Thon Cover Letter (important)

Q300 Summer 2016 Read A Thon Flyer Elementary School
Q300 Summer 2016 Read A Thon Flyer Middle School
Q300 Summer 2016 Read A Thon on Facebook

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