WinterFest Auction 2020 is live now (until Feb 12)

Q300PTACommunicationComm2019PTAWinterAucitionFlyerRev2We are excited to announce that our WinterFest Auction 2020 is now live! The WinterFest Auction features mostly summer camp prizes. Register as a bidder at, bid on these amazing prizes, and share the site with friends and neighbors as anyone can bid. Get a great deal on a summer camp or our other prizes while you support our PTA. Just make sure to bid before the auction closes on Wednesday, February 12th at 10pm. Please share the URL with neighborhood groups and on social media after you’ve placed your own bids!

Sample Auction Items

  • Camp Half-Blood in Central Park
  • Pierce Day Camp
  • Shibley Day Camp
  • Industry Gymnastics, NY
  • Chess Academy
  • Steve and Kate’s

  • Astoria Art House
  • Bonjour New York
  • Commonpoint Queens
  • Appel Farm Arts Camp
  • Camp Ballibay
  • Journey’s End Farm Camp
  • Camp Kinderland
  • Astoria Film Festival
  • Kaufman Music Center
  • Soccer programs
  • Rioult Dance
  • and more!
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