Chess tournament on Sunday, February 9, 2020

Q300ChessTournament2020Join us for another Q300-hosted tournament this school year. With No Score and Unrated sections included, it’s a perfect format for those students who have had a positive taste of chess in curriculum to make their first tournament splash amongst familiar faces in a ‘home field’ setting of mostly beginners.

Here’s the registration link:

OR, skip the registration and just come on by. It’s also just a casual Q300 bonding event if curious students/parents want to get a feel for the environment, ask questions, play some pickup chess – snacks, drinks, pizza, positive energy and good people. The physical set up is wide open, parents mingle, students/siblings have fun goldfish-grazing and hanging out between games.

The final Q300-hosted tournament will be on Sunday May 3, so this may also be a great opportunity to do some reconnaissance if your child is still learning chess in curriculum this semester, and might be en route to a May tournament plunge.

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