Primary contacts for school inquiries in Fall 2020

Principal Sonita Ramkishun has shared the following primary contact information for different kinds of inquiries.

Contact person(s) Topics Email
Sonita Ramkishun, Principal Schoolwide comments & concerns
Anna Milonakis, Assistant Principal Special Education (IEPs, 504s, etc)
Gina Mont’Etna K-8 Address changes, attendance questions, immunization forms
Alexandra Skendrou OPT bus inquires and Lower Division dismissal changes after 1:00pm
Pamela Asaro Upper Division Secretary
Irene Papagiannakis Upper Division dismissal changes after 1:00pm
Rachel Weiss Lower Division Social Worker
Christine Katartzis & Khary Chang Upper Division Guidance Counselor /
Jenny Lando Parent questions, concerns, and comments
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