New York International Children’s Film Festival 2023 (3/3/2023 – 3/12/2023)

We’re so excited to share that the New York International Children’s Film Festival is back this year from Friday, March 3, 2023 to Sunday, March 12, 2023. As a school partner, the Q300 PTA community have an opportunity to raise funds for our PTA by purchasing NYICFF tickets. For every ticket purchased by our community, NYICFF will donate $3 to our PTA.

To buy tickets AND raise money for our school simply:

  1. Go to
  2. Select our school from the “Select My School” Menu “Q300 30th Ave School”
  3. Purchase tickets

*Fundraising will not apply to purchases made with a discount code.

Here are some film recommendations:

  • Moominvalley (Ages 6+;
    Moominfriends! Tove Jansson’s delightful universe is back, premiering exclusively at NYICFF with all the Moominventures you could ever wish for in all new episodes, including Mrs. Fillyjonk’s Last Hurrah.

  • Opening Night – Ernest and Celestine: A Trip To Gibberitia (Ages 7+;
    At long last, they’re back! Ernest and Celestine, the wacky and warm, beloved if mismatched pair of travelers who made their US debut at NYICFF 2013 return for another instant classic, again for the first time in the United States. This time around, the once-forbidden friends are on the trail to Ernest’s home, Gibberitia.

  • Dounia & the Princess of Aleppo (Dounia & La Princesse D’Alep) (Ages 8+;
    In French, with English subtitles. Bold of spirit and wild of hair, six-year-old Dounia lives joyfully with her family in Aleppo, where she spends her time traversing the bustling souks, or marketplaces, teeming with delicious ingredients just right for her grandmother’s amazing dishes. Life is filled with kind neighbors, shared stories, and music until a gradually intensifying conflict brings a growing troop of soldiers to town. When the family is forced to pack up and join the global ranks searching for a safer place to call home, Dounia’s grandmother stuffs rosewater sweets and other fresh-baked, homestyle delights into her bulging suitcase.

  • Short Films: There’s something for everyone in NYICFF short film programs! Short Films Two (ages 8+; features deeper themes and multilingual films with English subtitles. And Celebrating Black Stories (ages 8+; embraces the joy, resilience, and complexity of being young and Black. Girls’ POV (ages 10+; stars intrepid and insightful girls who aren’t afraid of exploration.

Tickets are on sale NOW! Let’s work together to raise more money for the PTA and enjoy films at NYCIFF!

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