Jewish American Heritage Month 2023 Resources

May is Jewish American Heritage Month, a time to celebrate and honor the contributions of Jewish Americans throughout history.

Jewish American Heritage Month is a special time of the year when children have an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of Jewish Americans to our country. Just like different foods and holidays, people from different backgrounds and cultures bring unique ideas and perspectives to our society. During this month, various organizations introduce the important achievements of Jewish Americans in various fields such as science, arts, music, literature, and sports. It’s an opportunity to recognize how their hard work, creativity, and dedication have made a difference in our world.

      The National Register of Historic Places
      The National register of Historic Places is pleased to promote awareness of and appreciation for the historical accomplishments of Jewish Americans. We showcase historic properties listed in the National Register and National Park units commemorating the events and people that help illustrate Jewish Americans’ contributions to American history.Jewish American Heritage Month – National Register of Historic Places (U.S. National Park Service)
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        The Jewish Museum NYC
        The Jewish Museum’s unparalleled collection spans 4,000 years of Jewish Culture through nearly 30,000 works of art, Judaica and antiquities from around the world.
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          National Today
          In order to honor the Jewish communities’ continued achievements, May was declared as Jewish American Heritage Month by former president George W. Bush back in 2006.
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            The Jewish Children’s Museum
            The museum provides exhibitions and programming for all children, to experience Jewish History, values and traditions and increase interest in Jewish Culture.
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              Learning Resources: Jewish American Heritage Month
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