Fundraising art project with Square 1 Art 2020


Each year the Q300 PTA participates in a fundraiser with Square 1 Art. This is an optional project , but one enjoyed by many families. Using the special paper attached , your child should create their own artwork and then turn it into their teacher by Monday, March 2.

At the end of March, each child will receive a sheet of free stickers made from their artwork and a catalog of items to buy — you will be able to buy things like mugs, potholders, notebooks personalized with your child’s artwork. (See for more ideas.)
Some tips for the artwork:

  • Make it bold and colorful: Center the drawing and fill the entire art paper with vibrant colors.
  • Use bright materials such as markers, paint, collage, colored tape, and tissue paper.
  • DO NOT use colored pencils, photographs, gel pens, chalk, metallic, fluorescent, or neon pens. These materials will not show up well on the finished products.
  • Be sure to sign your masterpiece and place the name and date on artwork, but at least one inch from the edge.
  • Have an adult fill out the top part of the form with the child’s information and classroom number. It is important that this be legible and clear.

If you have any questions, please contact the co-VP of Fundraising at fundraising[at]

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