School supplies group order for 2020-2021

Q300 PTA has started the school supplies group order for 2020-2021. You can now order supply kits online from 1st Day School Supplies ( for the 2020-21 school year. Kits will be delivered to the school over the summer. The last day to order supplies with is Wednesday, July 1, 2020 [the deadline has been extended to Monday, June 6, 2020]. The PTA will get a small amount of the proceeds from each supply kit sold through

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Given the uncertainties surrounding next year, the school has provided a supply list for next year which includes two categories of supplies – individual supplies and communal supplies. If you choose to purchase via 1st Day, you will be able to purchase either (Option 1) all supplies – individual and communal or (Option 2) communal supplies only. Option 2 is designed for families who are well stocked with individual student supplies but still would like to purchase communal supplies that will be sent directly to the school.
Supplies have been categorized as follows:

  1. Individual supplies: Shipped to the home (includes items such as composition books, pens/pencils, folders, glue)
  2. Communal supplies: Shipped directly to the school (includes items such as hand sanitizer, soap, paper towels, copy paper)

For each grade, there are two options that you can purchase via 1st Day. You should select one option for each child:

  • Option 1: “All supplies” (A & B) includes (A) individual supplies (shipped to the home) AND (B) communal supplies (shipped to the school)
  • Option 2: “Communal Supplies Only” (B only) includes just the communal supplies (shipped to the school)


Here is some additional information about the supplies group order:

  • For both options, all shipping costs are included. In addition, we have arranged to have communal supplies delivered upstairs.
  • The PTA receives a small contribution for each order placed.
  • Hand sanitizer and other hard to find supplies are included in both options. 1st Day was able to acquire these items prior to the shortage.
  • We have one storefront that shows up under the 11102 zip code only (elementary address). Don’t worry – the supplies will be sent to the correct campus!
  • As always, you are not required to purchase through 1st Day. Families who choose to may purchase supplies on their own.

See for more information about school supplies.

We appreciate the school’s efforts to create these lists during this time, which allows families the opportunity to source these items safely during the pandemic.

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