Seeking PTA Board Members for 2022-2023

Help shape the future of your Q300 community! Please consider running for a leadership position on the PTA Board. The following positions are open

  • Treasurer (as a solo Treasurer or as a Team)
  • Executive Vice-President (solo)
  • Vice President, Lower Division (solo)
  • Vice President, Upper Division (solo)

In addition, the PTA calls for candidates to run for the following positions either (i) as a team (e.g., Co-Vice Presidents) with the listed candidates below (who were recently elected to those positions) or (ii) as a candidate or team separate from those listed below or from such listed candidate’s team.

  • Co-President with Yvette Choy
  • Co-Secretary with David W. Wang
  • Co-Vice President, Fundraising with Lisa Christopher
  • Co-Vice President, Communications with Sonia Martins

See the document below for more information about the available positions and their responsibilities.


New Q300 parents/guardians are welcome to join! If you are interested in running for any Board positions, please contact the Nominations Committee at by Friday, October 14, 2022.

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