National Arab American Heritage Month (April 2023)

The month of April is National Arab American Heritage Month. Learn about Arab Americans’ long history, contributions and culture in the United States. Below are a list of resources to help you get started:

Nation Arab American Heritage Month – Resources – April 2023

  1. Find a list of children’s books, activities and many other resources for celebrating and learning about NAAHM:

  2. For more on the history of Arab Americans and additional resources:

  3. Spring Break in Michigan could include a trip to the Arab American Museum just outside of Detroit, which is home to the largest population of Arab people in America!

  4. This is an awesome book list for teenage readers! Enjoy!

  5. This very thorough list of resources and a reading list is compiled by the University of Houston Arab-American Educational Foundation Center for Arab Studies. From novels and poetry to local and national organizations, there’s lots to check out:

  6. Teachers can book a virtual tour for their class at the Arab American Museum:

  7. A quick resource for teachers and parent/guardians alike – offers a few reading materials for different grade levels with helpful prompts for discussion.

  8. Get a quick dose of Arab American history on no other than the History Channel:

  9. Watch this curated list of short films that celebrate the diversity and culture of Arab Americans from PBS’ award-winning POV Series:
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