Box Tops for Education 2019-2020

Boxtopsclippedimage22x Box Tops for Education is a rebate program for school communities to raise money for school and their children. Since 1996 families have clipped and sent Box Tops in to their schools, which received 10 cents for each of Box Tops contributed. Starting this year, families can contribute to the Q300 Box Tops fundraising either by (1) submitting the box top coupons on General Mills products and other grocery products by major brands (e.g., Cheerios, Spillsbury, Annie’s etc; see here the list) or (2) scanning your receipt for the eligible products with the Box Tops for Education app ( In order to use the app, you will have to sign up for the Q300 team on the Box Tops for Education program on their website (

Physical Box Tops clips are being phased out this year, but we can still submit Box Tops until Friday, October 4, 2019. Please send all clipped Box Tops with your child to their teacher in a ziploc bag. If you have an old collection sheet with Box Tops, please send that in too!

See more information about the Box Tops fundraising at For inquiries, contact fundraising[at]

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