Q300 Kindness Challenge 2022 Update (deadline on 2/27/2022)

Grade K

To start things off, and something families can do independently, please complete the Hunger Survey with the link below. Please share this widely as every completed survey gets a $5 donation from Citibank.

We will also start collecting some Kindness, Greetings, and Well Wishes cards made by our kindergarteners. They are to create cards for the elderly living in NYC, who receive meals through CityMeals on Wheels. Please note that cards can have Non-Religious Holiday, Well Wishes, or even Hello because you Care Greetings. We also ask that your child not sign their last names on their cards.

Grade 1


Grade 2

Grade 2 students are writing greeting cards for the Meals on Wheels.

Grade 3

Our Kindness Challenge has officially kicked off with the following two challenges. We have until Sunday, February 27, 2022 to complete the Kindness Challenge.

  1. Creating Cards for the Elderly
    We are creating cards for the elderly in New York. Citymeals will distribute the cards when they deliver meals – they will brighten the day for many elderly in the city. Please find more information here. Cards should have holiday greetings or well wishes and be signed with only the child’s FIRST name. Your children can create as many cards as they want. When they are finished, please have them bring to school and hand to their teacher. Each teacher will have a folder dedicated to the card collection. We will pick-up the folders February 28th.

  2. No Kid Hungry
    We are supporting the No Kid Hungry initiative by taking a quick survey (https://bit.ly/3Junasq). Please complete and pass it along to as many people as you can. Each time someone completes the survey, Citibank donates $5 to the cause. Once you’ve completed, please fill out our form HERE so we can track how much we’ve raised!

Grade 4

4th grade students are participating in the volunteering opportunities at Flushing Meadows Corona Park with the Alliance for Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Grade 5


Grade 6


Grade 7


Grade 8


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