International Potluck and Festival 2020 & Donations for Winter Auction 2020


  • Date: Friday, January 31, 2020
  • Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm
  • Place: Q300 Lower Division campus (28-37 29th St, Astoria, NY 11102)

Our 6th annual Winter International Potluck and Festival will be on Friday, January 31st at the Elementary School Campus from 6:00pm-8:00pm. This is a school wide event! K-8 extravaganza!  This is a lovely community event where every brings dishes from all over the world!

  • Food, Attendance, and Volunteer. To RSVP, let us know the type of dish you will be bringing, or sign up to help with the event (craft table, Costco run, etc…), please click the following link:
  • Prizes for Auction. We will also be raffling and silent auctioning a few prizes. We are looking in particular for camp prizes though welcome others. If you can donate or can solicit a donation, please fill out the Winter Festival Auction Donation Form at See below for more information about the auction prizes.
  • Grade Tables. We’re asking that each class (up to 2 per grade) plan an appropriate activity that can be set up and run at a table during the event. You can put together anything—a craft, a coloring activity, origami. Last year we even had a parent set up a chopsticks station where children were able to experiment with picking up different items, like legos and marbles! If you are interested and helping to organize this for your child’s grade, please reach out to your class parent or the LD (Barbara Monroe or Christina Lee) and UD (Sae Makino-Siller and Milena Ivanova) representatives!

If you have other questions about the event, please contact Ellie Rabinovich and Maria Hantzopoulos at membership[at]

Call for Prizes and Donations for Winter Auction 2020

In conjunction with our International Potluck in January, we will be running an online auction and raffle. We are currently calling for donations of auction items. We are open to all kinds of prizes (e.g., restaurants, spas, etc.); however, we make a special call for camp prizes to auction. If you know any camps that may be popular with Q300 families, please consider asking if they would donate a session, a discount, or a credit toward a summer camp, which we would auction to support PTA programs.

Ask camp organizers, stores, restaurants, and extracurricular programs for your children to support the auction. You can also let the camps and business owners know that the prize donation might also make members of our school community aware of their camp and business.

Here is a sample letter to give potential donors

  • Example of Winter Auction 2020 Solicitation Letter: MS Word Word | PDF Pdf

If you have any questions, please reach out to Joanna Holzman at joannah[at]

If you do get a prize, please fill out our donation form here:

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